Ports in Norway

Norway is a destination for lovers of nature and spectacular landscapes. It is renowned for its fjords, mountains and glaciers and the natural phenomena of the northern lights and the summer midnight sun. It is also a country of extremes.



The Port of Oslo is in the city's industrial and commercial centre. As well as being a major ferry & cruise ship port it is also the largest cargo port in Norway.

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The bustling modern capital city of Oslo feels a million miles away from Norway's North Cape, mainland Europe's northernmost point.

Oslo is located in eastern Norway, next to a fjord and surrounded by forest. Its compact centre is easy to get around and there are a host of museums, concert halls and other attractions to see including the Viking Ship Museum, the Opera House, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park. The city is also a good base for outdoor activities including swimming and boat trips on the Oslofjord, hiking in the forest and cross country skiing. 

Around half of Norway's population live in eastern Norway. Close to Oslo is Jotunheimen National Park which is popular with hikers and extreme sports fans and contains Northern Europe's highest mountains. Lillehammer, former host of the Winter Olympics, is at the start of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley which cuts through the mountains. 

Western Norway is the fjord and mountain region. Some of the best known include Sognefjord, Norway's longest fjord and the Geirangerfjord, which is another World Heritage site. Many of the fjords offer spectacular boat trips which take passengers deep into the gorges and mountains.

Northern Norway is the region of the midnight sun, the northern lights and wildlife safaris. It is also where Norway's indigenous people, the Sami, live. Most of the Sami institutions, including the Sami Parliament, are in Karasjok where there is also a Sami theme park. There are wildlife safaris offering close up views of whales, king crabs, eagles and sea birds and reindeer can be seen in the region. Dog sledging and snow scooter safaris are popular in winter and a trip to the North Cape to experience the North Pole breeze is a must.

Many people visit Norway to experience the strange phenomena of the northern lights and the midnight sun. The sun never rises in winter in Northern Norway but the sky is lit up by the aurora borealis, better known as the northern lights. In summer the sun never sets and the night remains light. 

Southern Norway offers the best of the Norwegian summer with its picturesque rocky coast with islands and skerries and Central Norway, known as Trondelag, includes Norway's original capital city Trondheim.

Founded in 997 AD it includes the Nidaros Cathedral built over the grave of King Olav Haraldsen, who died in 1030 in the battle of Stiklestad. The region also includes Roros, a mining town whose timber houses are UNESCO World Heritage sites and many salmon rivers.

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